The Living Resources Newsletter

“Dear Dr. Hurd, I’ve been a subscriber to your Newsletter for some years now, and it is always good. One that really stands out is ‘The Grasshopper and the Ant,’ rewritten to be politically correct [Volume 10, Number 1]. The most recent Newsletter is full of excellent insights and identifications and making certain confusions of the day very explicit. I whispered an awed ‘Bravo’ after reading it. Not just one article – all of them – were outstanding. The choice-compulsion-responsibility issue in ‘Priests;’ the misplacement of responsibility and guilt in ‘The Psychology of Guilt;’ the social-metaphysicianism of narcissism vs. tru self-esteem, and reason vs. instinct relating to an independence-dependence schism in ‘Running on Instinct’ were all marvelous – and all related. All pointed to reason and responsiblity vs. irrationality and irresponsiblity. Thank you for such a magnificent job! (PPS: I also enjoyed the cartoon.)”