An Excellent Mental Tune-Up

“I ordered this book pre-publication off of the author’s web site. The book is divided into 24 concise chapters that deal with subjects such as ‘Getting a Grip on Reality,’ ‘Self-Confidence,’ ‘How to Grow Up Romantically,’ and many others. The subject matter should be of universal interest to any human being who is seeking to increase their effectiveness as an individual and consequently lead a happier life.

I found that four aspects of this book made it an outstanding read. First, the author’s approach emphasizes the power of reason not only in overcoming life’s difficulties, but also in living a happy, fulfilling life.

Second, the author does an excellent job of explaining how emotions can be an excellent tool from which to gain self-understanding IF you analyze them (and act on them) rationally rather than to follow them blindly.

Third, I liked the fact that the author is action-oriented. He does not believe that a person only needs to sit on a couch and ‘vent’ their feelings in order to achieve personal growth. It takes not only understanding, but actually acting on that understanding. The author makes this very clear.

Lastly, I liked the fact that the book is not just a random hodge-podge of invalidated ideas and approaches to self-help. It does not present the Ideas in a myopic vacuum. The book presents an integrated approach to the subject matter which brings together many areas of life that (for many) would be seemingly unrelated, and connects them with fundamental principles. I found this to be of great value. In summary, I found this book to be an excellent mental tune up.”