What a Refusal to Vote for Trump Really Conveys to the World

The DemComs sticking by Biden–the Commiefascists like AOC–do so because they know he can be controlled. He’s the perfect puppet. He signs off on everything from censorship to forced medical experiments to huge tax increases. They get everything they want from him. A body will do. Frankly, a corpse would do. They don’t care. All they want is unlimited power and money for themselves; and the rest of us get Venezuela, hyperinflation, enslavement, stagnation and despair.

This is just how it works in third world countries. We are moving in that direction but because it’s America, most do not yet comprehend or believe it. Once we’re there, someone like AOC will be the “president”, and it will be too late. We need massive course reversals, immediately, and a second Trump term is only the beginning. Anything less, and we are screwed. Your children and grandchildren will not know the life we knew.

As for the STUPID and DISHONEST conservatives, libertarians, “Objectivists” and others who are so upset about Trump they either will stay home or (incredibly) even vote for Biden/Democrats:

It’s fine to abandon Trump, I suppose, but if you do you’re sending a message that totalitarianism is acceptable in America. The party in power is ruthlessly, openly totalitarian. Their arrest and attempt to imprison Trump is evidence enough, although there’s far more evidence in the last 4 years — censorship, vax mandates, wealth redistribution, huge tax increases coming, open borders, weaponizing the FBI, arming the IRS, etc, etc. Trump, whatever his flaws and contradictions, is not a totalitarian. I can’t understand not supporting Trump, under these conditions.



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