The Inhumanity of the “Compassionate” Left

Socialism is inhumane. So is environmentalism. Destroying the middle class — through hyperinflation — puts millions and millions of people into impoverishment, stagnation and permanent dependence on the government. It can’t be what most immigrants want, and it’s IN NO WAY what most middle class Americans are prepared for.

It’s unkind to decimate the electric grid by passing laws requiring everyone to buy an electric car. Most cannot afford electric cars as it is; and the cost of electric cars will skyrocket once demand goes up with the government (for the most part) outlawing gas vehicles in many of our states (and in all of them if either Democrats or RINOs remain in charge of the federal government).

People say idiotic things like, “Well, socialism and environmentalism are the right thing, but they’re not really feasible.” No. Socialism and environmentalism are the WRONG thing. They are destructive of man’s rights, and they are an annihilation of our prosperity. Overnight, if implemented consistently (as they’re presently on a track to do, within a decade), they will turn America — and therefore the rest of the planet — into a third world country. China and Russia, since they possibly now have the superior military systems, will literally rule over us. Even if China and Russia do not presently have military superiority, America’s military will be ruined by a stagnant or collapsing economy, as Ronald Reagan correctly warned us back in the 1980s.

These ignorant, moronic fools voting for Democrats — since most of them are middle class, and vulnerable to everything I’m saying — are beyond persuasion. RINOs, establishment Republicans and frankly many people who call themselves limited government advocates (libertarians, “Objectivists”) are little better these days. They are so caught up in virtue signaling that “I’m a nice person because I don’t like Donald Trump” that they’re forgetting (or outright evading) what the actual issues are: Quite literally, the survival of life as we’ve always known it, especially in America.



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