Retribution? You Better Believe It!

What’s so bad about retribution?

In the event that Donald Trump actually becomes president again, I surely hope he engages in retribution.

Here’s the dictionary definition of “retribution”:

punishment inflicted on someone as vengeance for a wrong or criminal act.
“employees asked not to be named, saying they feared retribution”.
Works for me.

What’s the problem? Why be on the defensive?

The question isn’t whether it’s right or wrong to engage in retribution. The question is whether the person you’re holding accountable is actually guilty of anything.

The leftists and RINOs who rule us don’t care about whether or not someone is guilty. If they dislike you, then you’re guilty. And if you’re guilty, you’re going to jail. They’ve done it to Trump, they’ve done it to Steve Bannon and others, they’ve done it to January 6 “offenders” and they’re coming for everyone else they can, especially if we don’t remove them from power.

People who say, “Trump doesn’t dare punish Biden, Obama, Bill Barr, Merrick Garland, etc. because that would be retribution” are giving an after-the-fact, moral and legal blank check to the worst tyrants and sociopaths ever to be part of the American landscape.

Of course Trump, if he has the chance, should engage in retribution. The people he will hopefully go after are guilty of treason; of literal, open weaponization of America’s legal system and, with it, destruction of not only America’s Bill of Rights, but the entire idea of objective justice going back for centuries even before America.

Remember the terrorist group Black Lives Matter and its destruction of America’s once great cities? Remember COVID fascism? We’re still not over these catastrophes. These were inflicted by our own governments, federal and, in many cases, state and local. Why are every single one of the victimizers still in office? Why are not all of them on trial and in prison, right now?

The people who deserve to go to jail and even face execution for treason have literally ruined America — perhaps irreparably. They are not just scoundrels; they are worse than scum. Not only have they ruined our system; they have made billions of dollars in the process, in many cases. The Bidens, while just puppets, sit at the middle of that toxic tyranny. Yes, Trump should absolutely start with them.

I don’t know that it will or can happen. I can only say that it should. Stop apologizing; stop hesitating, conservatives. Grow a pair. These people deserve far worse than we will probably ever give them.



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