Congress Can Save Us, Even More than Trump

The only way to curb the power of the federal government is to DEFUND much of what it does. If the federal government stopped funding the FBI, it would no longer be able to harass, hunt down and arrest people who disagree with the government. If the EPA were defunded, it wouldn’t be able to halt Western civilization and return us to the horse-and-carriage era (or worse), or force us to paralyze the electric grid by eliminating fossil fuels. If we shut down the Dept. of Education by no longer funding it, then states and localities (better yet: private sources) would have to find ways to fill kids’ brains with woke, psychotic ideology.

In short: if we take away their money, they will stop hurting us.

It seems to me that this is a peaceful, nonviolent way to avoid the civil war and/or breakup of the United States that seems increasingly imminent. By defunding and disempowering the worst elements of our government and the parts of culture it funds, then we can concentrate on electing a President and Congress to do the few, very important things our Constitution does require them to do: have a strong military and a strong border.

Republicans in Congress, for the most part, claim to agree with all this. Yet they don’t lift a finger to defund ANY of this. They can’t even manage to defund Planned Parenthood or NPR, for God’s sake! So how can we trust them to do anything else? Remember, the President cannot defund programs or federal agencies. Only Congress can.

They had better get their act together on this. Because time is running out. If the DemComs manage to hold onto power in Congress and the White House, they’ll know there are no incentives left to rein themselves in. They will see that all their efforts to establish a one-party dictatorship have worked, and there will be nothing now to stop them. That will be the absolute end of freedom in America. So it’s now or never Republicans. It may already be too late.



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