“Progressives” Display The Ultimate Red Flag

“For the greater good” almost always means “this will be bad for you.”

And it’s almost always said by someone it will be good for.

“Great” just means them.

[from @RealSpikeCohen, on Twitter/X]

Once enough people understand this post, socialism (and all its toxic variants, including green fascism) are DONE.

Every destructive movement of human history, from the murder, censorship and brutality of the Middle Ages to the nihilistic destruction of Nazism and Communism — and their stepchild, today’s “woke” psychotic totalitarianism — are based on the idea, “This is good for you … because I say so.”

If something is really and truly good, it doesn’t have to be forced. And if it has to be forced — well then, something is wrong with the ideology right there.

Even if you can find a situation where the thing being forced is good for ALL involved — including the person being forced — it still would have no meaning. If a person is not convinced that the virtuous thing he’s doing is right, then there is no virtue in his coerced action. There’s only resentment, subtle hostility and a breeding ground for rebellion.

I find it darkly comical that today’s Woke Establishment — the modern day apostles of coercion and guilt-infused lecturing, moralizing we see everywhere we turn today — think they’re “progressive,” sophisticated or somehow new.

They’re as old as the Stone Age. They’re as sophisticated as savages. It all has been tried before, as recently as the Nazis, who took their coercion and moralizing all the way.

Today’s totalitarians reply, “I’m no Nazi. I’m virtuous.” If you’re so virtuous, then why must you imprison your political opponents — in America, of all places — and force, intimidate, defund, “cancel” and intellectually neuter anyone who sees fit to disagree with you, people as diverse as Bill Maher, Jerry Seinfeld, Elon Musk or Donald Trump?

The need to “guilt” and coerce people into believing what you believe — that’s the ultimate red flag.



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