Look at What Leftists DO on Israel; Not What They Say

Today’s left in America–the ones who run and dominate everything–are, in practice, committed to Palestine, militant Islam, Iran and antisemitism. Verbally, they try to have it both ways. But look at what they do, not at what they say. What they DO: give money to Iran, tie Israel’s hands in trying to defend itself, and continue to fund and support open advocates of Israeli and Jewish genocide at America’s shockingly undeserving, prestigious colleges. Not Muslim genocide; with the left in charge, Muslims are just fine.

Biden regime # 2 Kamala Harris even implied support for the use of military force by America against Israel, a few weeks back. I think she’d be just fine with concentration camps, and not just for Jews.

If you support leftists (which means any Democrat or a growing number of RINOs), then you are actively supporting the destruction of Jews, the advancement of Muslim militancy and just one more means of destroying civilization. If you are Jewish and support leftists, then I cannot help you, and do not wish to try.



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