SOVEREIGN Individuals

We need the word and concept “sovereign” back in our vocabulary. It will make Google and Facebook censors crazy. Biden (or the next puppet) will foam at the mouth at “sovereign” like they presently do over “MAGA” or “Trump.”

Sovereign is a concept more threatening to tyrants than MAGA or Trump. That’s why we should start promoting it. Sovereign means: “My life belongs to me. It belongs to nobody else. It does NOT belong to the government or The State. The government and the state operate with MY permission; NOT the other way around. My rights are the right to be left alone. That’s it. I don’t have a right to what somebody else is forced to produce. I only have a right to be left alone. My body, my mind, my choice. A government exists ONLY to protect those rights for myself and others, equally. Beyond that, a government serves no purpose and has no right to exist. You — all of you in the government — are a means to an end. You are my servants. You act in service to the cause of individual rights, private property and freedom. THAT’S IT. You are the means to MY end. MY life. And each individual’s life. That’s all. And that’s everything.”

If we said these words and meant them — then the evil in D.C. and our state capitals and bureaucracies would evaporate. The teachers and the media idiots espousing socialism, Communism and other psychosis would fall on deaf ears. Nothing they say would matter, and none of it would make any sense.

Ideas have consequences. It’s as simple and as real as that.



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