Whatever Happened to the “Free World”?

According to Breitbart News, Cuba’s Communist government has sentenced a mother to 15 years in prison for filming a protest of Cuba’s dictatorship.

Old news for Cuba. But it’s coming to America. If Trump can be put on trial for protest, and jailed (as I predict he will be), then so can anyone. After Trump, it will continue with regular MAGA people. Then conservative Christians. Then economic conservatives. Then libertarians. Then — finally — leftists who annoy the faction in charge. It will happen because NOBODY is trying to stop them. Other than Trump, but he’s going to be jailed. They know it’s imperative that they make an example of Trump. So start thinking about how you plan to handle the demise of your freedom, if you remain unwilling to fight or take ANY risks for it. With things this big, NOT taking risks is the biggest risk of all. If you don’t yet see this, you will learn.

In a similar vein, a German politician Marie-Therese Kaiser was just convicted and fined more than $6,000. Her crime? Merely posting online statistics that show Afghan immigrants disproportionately commit sexual assault in Germany.

Germany is part of the “free world”, you say? In Germany, freedom of speech is gone. You’re fined for voicing your opinion, even if it’s backed by fact, so long as it offends the authorities. It can’t happen in America, you say? It has already started. The word that has set our First Amendment on fire is “misinformation.” The rest is just a matter of time. Not much time, since the vast majority of us still labor under the delusion we will always be free.



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