Transferring Unlimited $$ to Ukraine’s Corrupt Government Does NOT Support Freedom

Regarding unlimited funding by American taxpayers of the Ukraine government: It’s the conservatives I don’t understand. The ones who claim to want limited government, or no more Big Government. The ones who don’t want vax mandates, socialized medicine, and the like. Obviously, they’re not fans of activist, redistributive government, right? Yet they assume that by transferring mass amounts of unaccountable wealth from one self-evidently corrupt government (America) to another even more self-evidently corrupt government (Ukraine), we’re somehow fighting for “freedom.”

It might be arguably worth it, at least voluntarily, to provide money for ACTUAL freedom fighters. But the Ukrainian government is obviously no more trustworthy than the Russian government or America’s government. And even if you think it IS trustworthy, HOW or WHY do you trust the Biden regime — headed by a criminal family who, the evidence already shows us, has enjoyed shady dealings with Ukraine for years — to ensure that the money is used in the defense of freedom? The Biden regime is the most virulently anti-freedom government America has ever seen. Most conservatives say they understand this. Yet they trust the Biden regime to get the money safely to Ukranians for “freedom”? [And yes, Russia is a corrupt government too. But just because Russia’s government is corrupt does not mean that Ukraine’s government is angelic.]

And why isn’t it working? Why is it that the more billions and billions we send to Ukraine, the more billions they need? Where is the objective endpoint? Or is there none? This sounds more to me like heroin addiction than freedom fighting. What happened to the brains in this country? I understand the leftists in academia and the Democratic Party are lost causes. They are for brutality, not brains. But people on the libertarian, conservative or Ayn Rand “Objectivist” side who claim to be pro-individual rights and pro-mind … how can they possibly make such a brazen, glaring error? Whatever the nature of the error — intellectual or financial — it’s not innocent.



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