The Trump Show Trials: A Metaphor For YOUR Future

How do you think the Trump show trial (the first of many) is going to end?

Check out some of the jurors from Manhattan:

Juror 8 is a man who has lived on the Upper East Side since the 1980s and is a retired wealth manager who still consults with some clients.

Juror 9 is a woman who grew up in New Jersey and now lives on the Upper East Side. She said she doesn’t watch the news or follow it too closely, but gets the New York Times and CNN morning newsletters.

Juror 10 is a man from Ohio who moved to New York six years ago and works for an eyewear company.

Juror 11 is a woman who lives in Upper Manhattan and works as a product development manager. She said she mainly follows industry-specific news.

Juror 12 is a woman who lives on the Upper East Side and moved to New York two and a half years ago. She works as a physical therapist and gets her news from New York Times, USA Today, and CNN.

It’s INSULTING to the concept of a rational, just legal system even to grant these show trials of Trump the dignity of seriousness. Yet I understand Donald Trump and the other people being persecuted under our lawless, brazenly, openly politicized “legal” system must take this threat seriously.

Don’t detach yourself from the reality that you are no longer living in a free country. If you were, these show trials would be impossible.

It all started in earnest with COVID fascism. The powers that be — the left, and their RINO enablers who operate the mob we call a government, as well as dominate our increasingly insane academia, and utterly dishonest media — saw what they got away with. And now they seek to get away with more. It’s money, of course. Always follow the money. But worse than that: It’s power for its own sake. It’s power over the lives, rights, bodies and minds of others. That’s undiluted evil.

Trump’s prosecution and probable ultimate conviction (facing hundreds of faux felony charges) were all utterly predictable things. Sociopaths are not complicated. Their behavior, like the behavior of narcissists and other control freaks, is easy to predict. It’s truly not rocket science.

What sociopaths, psychopaths and narcissists count on is your unwillingness and self-generated, usually subconscious inability to LET yourself recognize what they’re doing, or to name it aloud. In my posts, I seek to name what by now is merely the obvious. I’m naming things so hopefully you will, too.

Every day I get private notes or calls from people saying: “I LOVE what you’re saying. I know you’re right. I can’t say it, but I’m glad you are.”

But at some point, we’re ALL going to have start saying it, aren’t we? If I’m right, then how much longer can we go on while pretending that it all just isn’t so? The sociopaths are not going to quit. They’re going to get worse and worse and worse. Look how much worse they are now, compared to 2020 and 2021. The Trump show trials are nothing compared to what comes next, and what comes after that. It all ends in concentration camps (or some creative 21st Century, woke equivalent), not based on race or creed so much as dissidents. They’ve shown us the game plan by how they’re handling Trump, as well as the “January 6” faux offenders. “Enemies of democracy” means: Anyone who dares to disagree with us, about anything.

You might not care about strangers rotting for misdemeanor charges after 3.5 years in a D.C. prison, and you might not care about Donald Trump. But this is YOUR freedom they’re messing with. How much longer are you willing to put up with all this? What will be your own “straw that breaks the camel’s back” be? Or is there NOTHING you will not tolerate?



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