Rights Trump Government — Every Time

Neither state governments nor the federal government have “rights.” The sole legitimate purpose of a government is to uphold rights.

Governments exist to serve US. Not by stealing from fellow citizens to give us their wealth or property. Governments serve us by upholding our individual rights to life, property and the pursuit of happiness. That’s it. But that’s everything. If government betrays us, especially on the scale we have witnessed in the last few years alone — well, it’s unforgivable.

At present, the federal government does virtually nothing but violate rights. Its very legitimacy is questioned, if not invalidated, due to the Biden-Obama regime. Most state governments violate rights, but some more than others; some state governments — primarily in red states — uphold some rights, some of the time.

We have to stop looking to the government to fix itself. Once a government crosses over the line and starts violating rights, it’s like a spouse who has repeatedly cheated on you, or a business partner who has swindled you. You can’t come back from it.

These people in government are worse than criminals. Criminals and mobsters face at least the threat of accountability. Career government officials face ZERO accountability. Yet they wield unlimited power over their fellow man in unprecedented ways. Most tyrants of history have never enjoyed the unchallenged power of today’s American tyrants who exercise their tyranny in the name of “freedom” and “democracy.”

The federal government is not going to correct itself; certainly not under the Biden-Obama regime, nor anything equivalent, such as a Gavin Newsom, Michelle Obama or Kamala Harris regime. They tell us as much, often in their words and always in their actions. It’s time to start believing them.

You can hold out hope that Trump will somehow overcome all the “lawfare,” election fraud and whatever else they have in store for us (perhaps the declaration of a “climate emergency” on Nov. 1 which will cancel the election); that Trump will somehow make the federal government into something other than what it has become. To me, that seems highly doubtful, but I get that most otherwise well meaning patriots don’t want to hear it. So we’ll wait out the year and the next couple of years and see who’s right.



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