Today’s Immigration is Not Real American Immigration

Immigration to the USA — originally, a free country — used to mean: “You’re welcome. Now make your own way, and leave your fellow man alone.”

The greatest proof that you were a worthy immigrant? Your willingness to come. There were no freebies, there were no free rides. The price of freedom was self-reliance. Without self-reliance, you could not be free. You could ask for charity, but NEVER compel or coerce it.

Today’s warped concept of immigration is 100 percent the opposite. The less independent, the less self-reliant, the less responsible and the more corrupt you are — the better. Why? Because you’ll feed as a parasite off the state, and that will keep the established parasites who run the state in permanent power.

There is nothing misguided or accidental in today’s open border politics. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s all done in broad daylight. Biden brags of it daily, and laughs at the good people forced to endure it, and forced to pay the bills through taxes, inflation and crime. Today’s immigration policies are deliberately designed to destroy what’s left of what used to be the best of America.



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