Biden, Soros, Obama: Lock Them Up

It’s not enough to defeat the Commiefascists (my term for Democrats and most established Republicans.) We have to lock them up and remove them from power, forever. Start with Fauci. Then the Obamas. Then the Biden crime family. And all their highest level associates. Yes, the Clintons. Yes, Mitch McConnell. And all those in the corporate world who enable them. George Soros is a war criminal, literally a modern day Nazi. His son is an unhinged freak, set to unleash a multi billion dollar wrecking ball, and he openly brags of doing so. Bill Gates? He may be worse than Fauci. If we don’t punish them all, and keep them from destroying the economy, life as we know it, as well as the rights of man, then evil will have won and another 4 years in the White House for Trump would just be a circus and a show — with any good he does reversed, the minute he’s gone.

This is not a political crisis. It’s literally a war. It’s a war for the American republic, but also for all of civilization. If you keep pretending it’s not a war, then you’re going to lose it.



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