The Communist-Democrat Take on the “Rights of Women”

DemComs like Gavin Newsom say Republicans put “the rights of a fertilized egg above the rights of women.” And what exactly are the rights of women, according to these ruling tyrants? Certainly, in their universe, no woman has a right to eschew a vax; to deny her eight year old a sex change operation; to live in a country without invasions at the border; she has no right to keep more than 40 percent of her income; no right to own a weapon of self-protection; no right to challenge the prevailing orthodoxy of those whining about the rights of women.

So on what basis are we supposed to take these people like Gavin Newsom seriously?

By the way: Don’t you love this meme with the quote attributed to William F. Buckley, Jr.?

It’s not that intelligence is a bad thing. But the toxic combination of hubris, intelligence and utterly wrong ideas can lead to … well, look around you.

As for the present optimism about a Trump victory in November, remember one very important thing: A Trump victory will be meaningless without full accountability, as traitors, for the Biden & Obama regimes, Fauci — all of them.

We cannot leave the perpetrators of violence against our Constitution and our rights in power. We cannot leave them free to do even more harm. The “election” is beside the point. We are in a civil war.


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