The Biggest Story Since 1776 (And Few Care)

Yesterday I read that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen refused to answer a question about the federal government investigating purchases by private citizens to assess whether they are “insurrectionists.” When pushed by a member of Congress, Yellen finally said she’d look into it.

The U.S. government probing your purchases? With no warrant, no probable cause, no due process? Like Stalin? Isn’t this reason enough to arrest and convict every high official in Biden’s regime, right now, for treason?

I consider this a capital offense. It’s also consistent with people getting calls from their bank inquiring about what their withdrawals are being used for. It’s not the banks doing this. It’s the federal government–creating dictatorship through the banks. It’s called fascism.

Why isn’t this the biggest story of the year so far? The list of outrages now goes beyond the British in 1776.



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