Facebook – Biden Regime Collusion

What’s it called if the people doing the “fact checking” are controlled by the same people doing the lying? [asks a meme on social media]

It’s called tyranny.

It’s also called collusion — in this case, between government and the companies responsible (in their originally private businesses) for handling most of the media.

Libertarians argue Facebook is a private company. Therefore it can exclude or include whomever it wishes. In principle, that’s correct. But we have anti-discrimination laws in our country that are NOT being applied to Facebook (or Google), not with conservatives. So if a conservative company took down leftist posts, it would be subject to lawsuits and potential criminal charges for discrimination. Facebook and Google are not.

The anti-discrimination laws, from a pro-liberty point-of-view, are unjust. In a free country, people may discriminate however they wish in their private businesses or homes. As unjust as those laws are, it compounds the injustice to apply them selectively. The only rational solution is to get rid of the laws, but the same people in power who openly collude with Facebook to censor dissenting views will not permit that.

Our whole system — of which the Facebook-federal government collusion is only one dreadful example — is immoral and corrupt beyond repair. We don’t need a new system. The original American system started out as very good. But we need to hit “reboot” and that starts with removing all the people presently in power from power — and then trying and convicting them, for violations of our Bill of Rights and Constitution. Then we have to take it from there with repealing unjust laws.

None of this seems imminent or possible even now. But when people wring their hands and ask, “What are we to do?” all I can tell you is: That’s the thing to fight for.



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