Biden Faces No “Political Pressure” on Iran

“The killing of three U.S. troops and wounding of dozens more Sunday by Iran-backed militants is piling political pressure on President Joe Biden to deal a blow directly against Iran, a move he’s been reluctant to do out of fear of igniting a broader war.” [Newsmax]

Political pressure? What’s political pressure, exactly? What political consequences will there be to Biden if he does NOT strike Iran? That he’ll lose reelection (assuming they don’t replace him with Michelle Obama)? Like in 2020? Please!

Iran may not be America’s friend. But Iran’s virulently toxic totalitarian government is the friend of Biden — as well as Obama and everyone else involved in this regime we still call a federal government in America.

We know that Iran is Biden’s friend, because he advanced them billions of dollars (as did Obama before him) so that Iran may practice self-defense. Well, when you give billions of dollars to a country that sponsors most of the world’s terrorism, what do you expect? More terrorism.

All of this is done out in the open. I simply can’t believe any media anywhere would refer to “political pressure” that does not exist. Conservatives legitimately complaining about it all on the Internet (when not censored by Facebook and Google) is not the same as political pressure.

“Political pressure” is a term that applies to governments who are accountable in some way to the people they govern. Leftists are accountable to their own deranged interest groups — the pro-Palestinians, the violent trannies, the vax police, the Green police and all the others. But they’re not accountable to anyone else, and they’re not worried. Perhaps they should be. But it’s not going to be mere “politics” that stops them.



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