President Michelle Obama: A Plausible Scenario

Just think: This horrible woman could be commander-in-chief of the U.S. military a year from now. Remember: the fraud in 2020 worked. Biden “won” without a single campaign event, and with the aid of mail-in voting that remains with us. This time, Trump faces endless lawsuits and dozens of criminal charges. The entire federal government and a majority on the Supreme Court are weaponized against him. Whether Biden resumes office next year, or someone like Michelle Obama does so, is really in the hands of a few people — people like Barack Obama, Soros, Gates, Zuckerberg and others.

This woman loathes America by her own acknowledgement. If you love liberty, she loathes you and your liberty. She thinks everyone who’s not a hard leftist like herself is a racist and a tyrant. We know this because she says so repeatedly, and her actions back it up. Not that she has ever held an elected office. You can be sure that she will be more than a puppet. She will use her race as an excuse to intimidate and ultimately terrorize people into agreement with her; or if not agreeing, then obeying. Biden was a zombie. Michelle Obama could be a monster.

After Biden, is the bar so low and are even decent people so desensitized that they will simply put up with the selection of this nasty totalitarian to finish off the destruction of our republic? I honestly don’t know. But it’s a very plausible scenario.



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