A Nation Actively Seeking to Eliminate Its Borders

I have read a lot of world history. Nowhere, in my recollection, has a major country — a major world power — actively worked to destroy and open up its own borders to just anyone. Hitler, Mussolini, the Soviets, the Maoist Chinese — they were all irredeemably evil, and of course they wanted to control their borders because they wanted to control everything and everyone. But they weren’t stupid. And then more legitimate governments, like the U.K., while they permitted immigration, did not open up the border to just anyone. America, throughout all of its history, never had open borders. Imagine even President Bill Clinton actively trying to stop Texas or Florida or Arizona from having an entrance policy at the borders — and even threatening the use of force against those states if they refused to let even one person in.

This is madness on a scale never before seen. When Reagan said a nation without borders is not a nation at all, it seemed simply like a restatement of the obvious. Yet we’re the first great nation in all of history to outlaw its borders. That’s how unimaginably insane and evil our current officials are. But after COVID fascism and so much else — we already knew that, didn’t we?



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