Freedom Is Your Psychological Oxygen: And Your Government is CHOKING You

Freedom is your psychological oxygen. Like oxygen, freedom is not optional. Without freedom, you cannot think or act, not rationally or intelligently. You cannot practice survival. You have no shot at happiness. When you’re morally and psychologically asphyxiated, the emotional and intellectual results parallel the bodily consequences when you’re physically asphyxiated.

If someone tries to suffocate you, you don’t shrug it off. You don’t reply, “Let’s not go to extremes. It’s ok for you to cut off my air supply for 3 minutes, but not for 10 minutes.” If someone lays a hand on you, you treat it as an unpardonable, inexcusable offense. You don’t let it ride, and you don’t let it stand.

I wish that people took the relentless, now daily assaults on their basic liberties as they would take daily attempts to suffocate or strangle them. Which is to say: not take them at all. That spirit of “don’t you dare tread on me” gave birth to the freedom we Americans, generations later, now allow to slip from our grasp.

What the wokesters, politicians, perverts, racists and panderers are doing to us constitute unpardonable crimes for which they cannot be forgiven (they’re not sorry) and for which proportional retaliation is morally mandatory. Americans, who for generations have mostly been free, cannot grasp what it will be like when all our dwindling freedoms are gone, as they soon will be, with continued inaction on our parts. We are literally being suffocated, and continue to act like it isn’t happening.



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