America’s Coming Calamity: 2024

A good friend asked me to predict what will happen in the election of 2024. My reply: A repeat of 2020 — only much worse. Followed by a repeat of January 6 — only much worse, and much more widespread. Good people are in a lose-lose position. The more they comply, the worse the dictators will get. The more they rebel, the worse it will get. The U.S. military would literally have to turn on much of its own government for there to be any hope — something that seems doubtful, given that the top brass all appear to be woke, fascist, Communist hard leftists. And even if the military did turn, we would be under a state of martial law. I see no definitive solution, other than a breakup so that parts of the present U.S. can become free territories again. And form a military with the good people still in the current military ready to defend the newly formed, free territories. Yes: Things are that bad. If it sounds extreme, consider what the amoral Uniparty is already doing to us–and just imagine how far they’ll go after a pivotal victory next year securing their permanent rule. I can actually (in 2025) see puppet Biden still in the White House, eating ice cream and signing executive edicts like a corrupt Roman emperor, edicts written by the Obamas, Soros, and all the others.

The one thing I cannot predict: How millions of Americans will react when the reality of it all finally sinks in. THAT will be the biggest wild card in all of world history, to date.



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