Not What You Want to Hear. Read It Anyway.

Stop fixating on the 2024 election. You will be disappointed, frustrated and angry — again. I stand by my prediction that they will imprison Trump. And when his supporters protest, they will be imprisoned too. It will be a gigantic January 6. Watch.

Bigger picture: Freedom loving Americans must figure out ways to break with the nasty, psychotic and authoritarian federal regime. DeSantis is a hugely talented Governor of a robust, growing state. He should concentrate on establishing a republic of Florida. Perhaps South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia (minus Atlanta) could join. Offer peace with the federal government. Peace and trade treaties, and the like. Let New York, DC, San Francisco, Chicago and all the deep blue territories have their socialism. Let’s stop fighting, and simply leave them. Have real police, and a real military. Let the drag queen, woke military defend Manhattan.

I cannot design all the specifics for you. I can only tell you that the left-right differences are no longer sustainable. The left understands this. That’s why they impose an increasingly totalitarian net around our lives. The right just keeps promising a modern day Reagan Revolution. It’s too late for that. Way too late. Stop assuming there’s a majority who want freedom under the original American model. Do you actually know any leftists? They do not want ANYTHING you want. And they will stand by and let the government do anything it wishes to you, so long as the government is “progressive.” There are 70 and 80 percent majorities of leftists in some areas. They are not friendly and they are no more peaceful than Hamas and the Palestinians. They are mean, brutal, irrational and intolerant.

Move on, conservatives. It’s too late for reconciliation. A better world is possible, but NOT on our present course.




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