The Leftist Fetish for the Homeless

What’s the leftist preoccupation with homelessness? They don’t just call attention to homelessness. They seem to celebrate it. Perhaps that’s why they make it easy for the homeless to sit out in the streets, ruining parks and sidewalks and neighborhoods. Any property owned or managed by the government — if it’s a left-wing city or town, you will find homeless. It started on a large scale in Seattle. It spread to other leftist cities. San Francisco is littered with homelessness. Las Vegas is filled with feces, I’m told. California beaches are increasingly an uninhibited place to be homeless. Even smaller scale cities like Louisville, Kentucky, are starting to have tent cities.

Why do leftist local governments not just permit it — but celebrate it? They’re not concerned about the well-being of the homeless. If so, they’d push for shelters, not for tent cities and the ruining of civilization represented by such spectacles. No leftist wants a tent city in his front yard — nor in view of his house. If such a thing happened, it would be addressed immediately, assuming he has the right political connections, which nearly all well-off leftists do.

Judge for yourself what motivates the encouragement and celebration of homelessness by leftist activists, mayors, governors and judges. Whatever the motivation: It’s not concern for the homeless.



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