“Queers for Palestine” — Really a Thing?

On the subject of the movement “Queers for Palestine”:

It’s tempting, at times, for me to say it can’t be true, that there really isn’t a group of gay/lesbian people supporting Islamic terrorism. But I have met individuals who actually are this bad. A lesbian I was talking to right after the Pulse (gay nightclub) shooting in Florida, back in 2016, sternly lectured and tried to shame me for criticizing Islam as a world view. “I have Muslim friends who are dear people.” When I asked her what they thought of the Pulse gay nightclub shooting by a Muslim man doing it in the name of Islam, she told me the question was racist. In effect, she stated you may not ask the question, even though the pursuit of objective truth is the whole point of a conversation (isn’t it?) You cannot reason with these leftists. This was otherwise a nice, reasonable woman who was crackpot insane when it came to anything cultural or political.


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