America is Turning Purple and Blue

The Republicans didn’t do very well in yesterday’s off year elections. And we’re talking in red states. Ohio, Kentucky and Virginia (a recent purple state turned red) all went in the far left Democratic direction. And these are RED states. These are states that either have gone decisively for Trump, or decisively for Trump’s platform (as they did a couple of years ago in Virginia with the election of a Republican governor). Yes, Mississippi is still red; for now. And Louisiana, perhaps. And a few other places whose cities (always left of center) aren’t turning the state government in the left direction … YET. But that’s about it.

I believe the problem is generational. 20-somethings and early 30-somethings and younger are overwhelmingly leftist and Democrat. The schools, the media, the culture … they’ve all done their job. Even the Republicans or “moderates” in that age range believe in green fascism and many of the things that made you a hard core Democrat back in the Obama years.

We can talk about open borders and election fraud. Those are real problems, and they do contribute to the destruction of America. But what about the fact that the vast majority of younger people — getting older all the time, becoming the mainstream of the country — consider socialism a good thing, even if they won’t call it socialism? And consider racism a good thing, even if they won’t call critical race theory and Black Lives Matter racial supremacists just like their KKK equivalents in an earlier era? And think that the world can do just fine without fossil fuels, a sustainable currency, gun rights or freedom of speech?

Americans are on the whole becoming more stupid, more ignorant and under the totally unAmerican impression that more government can only lead to a better life … so long as it’s progressive, woke government. The insanity of 10 years ago that was limited to college professors now reverberates not only through the government and every segment of the culture, but in the minds and hearts of a vast majority of people 35 and under.

Leftists have always said totalitarian control was inevitable, even in America. The Soviets used to say they’d beat us at our own game, and “bury” us. Maybe the Soviets didn’t, but their point-of-view did. AOC, America’s own vicious but effective homegrown Communist and fascist rolled into one, has repeatedly said it’s only a matter of time before the red states start going purple and the purple states go blue. It’s happening. For now, you can run to Mississippi or South Dakota and a few other places, but eventually the 30 somethings will be the 50 somethings. Many of us will be gone, but most of us have younger loved ones we value. What will become of them in an America barely recognizable today, to say nothing of 20 or 25 years from now?

The old adage used to be, “When you’re young, you’re liberal. When you’re older, and you have more to lose, you get more conservative.” There’s some timeless truth to that, psychologically. But politically, everything has moved left — way left. Today’s conservatives are largely the moderate or “liberal Democrats” of 30 or 40 years ago. And the leftist movement, manifested in the Democratic Party and virtually all of American academia and culture, is all on the same page. We are full steam ahead on green fascism, woke totalitarianism, socialism, Communism, everything. Whether it’s Joe Biden or AOC, you get the exact same platform. And things are always, always, always going in the wrong direction. On everything.

Look how quickly the vast majority fell for COVID fascism. America became a temporary totalitarian country (worse than the U.S.S.R. in some ways) literally overnight. Without so much as a whimper. And now look at the unqualified support for baby-beheading terrorists over Israel, because Israel somehow got lumped in with the guilt-inducing “white privilege.” 30-and-under go for all this in overwhelming majorities. You find the dissension in the older age groups. Not to minimize the heroic intellectual and psychological independence of the younger people who don’t follow the Party line. But they are the minority; and decisively so. In the future, heaven help them all.



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