“Get Trump” … WILL Come Back to Bite Us All

Democrat Commiefascists and Anyone-but-Trump Republicans feel smug and serene as they watch Donald Trump get indicted, and indicted and indicted. They drool for the day they’ll see the former President in an orange jumpsuit, and they may even get their wish.

They don’t worry about the open, unequivocal corruption and the weaponization of the American legal system.

They think — or at least subconsciously assume — “Trump is bad, so whatever it takes to get him — just get him.” They rationalize this as GOOD for the very system they’ve obliterated in order to get Trump.

In their evasion and smugness, they don’t stop to look at what they’ll be left with. What we’re already left with, in fact, just for things to go this far. What we’re left with is a government who may prosecute anyone it dislikes, without any accountability to an objective set of principles, such as those contained in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

America was designed to be a “nation of laws, not of men.” What this meant was: Principles and the Constitution override the will of any man, or even the will of a mob (as in a democracy).

Granted, American history has been filled with both violations and support in practice for this ideal. But now, in the aftermath of the politicization of the legal system, the government no longer has to be accountable. The precedent has been set.

Right now, leftists and nonleftists who hate Trump are happy with our operating premise: “Find a law — ANY law — to get Trump. And make one up, if you must. JUST SO YOU GET TRUMP. That’s all that matters.”

This maliciously faulty, toxic premise WILL come back to bite ALL of us. And that includes you Never Trumpers out there. Mark my words. America is no longer based on the rule of law and a Bill of Rights. It’s based on the will (or whim) of those with the most power.



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