Terrorists on BOTH Sides of the White House Gates

The propaganda media keeps saying “Democrats are divided on Israel.” No they’re not. Look at their ACTIONS. They still give billions to Iran, the top supporter of world terrorism (including Hamas). Iran is the closest any terrorist group has to a government. It’s a government supported with real money by American tax money, thanks to Commiefasicsts we call “Democrats” and their puppet, Biden. The Biden regime also demands that Israel “pause” its attacks against Hamas. This is absurd. Imagine if the Allied forces had “paused” in their attacks against Hitler and the Japanese in World War II. We’d be ruled today by totalitarians. Ironically, it’s happening anyway.

In words, the Commiefascist Democrats sometimes pay lip service to Israel. But in practice, they are all-in for terrorists. It’s because they are thugs and terrorists themselves. Look at their open warfare against free speech, the right to bear arms, freedom of association and their indefinite imprisonment of political dissidents for (at worst) misdemeanor crimes committed on 1/6/21.

The terrorists throwing blood at the White House know what I’m saying is true. They know in PRACTICE the people in power are on the side of the terrorists. They’re just in a rage because they want them verbally on their side, too. Remember, they are ideologues hellbent on world domination. Propaganda is their game. And at present, like all the evil in the world, they are winning.



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