Why Republicans Will Lose in 2024

I am still waiting for ONE major pundit — or even a not-so-major one, on the conservative side — to talk about whether or how Trump (or any Republican) can win the general “election” next year.

All we’re hearing is how Trump will smash his opponents in the Republican primary. Or how his mounting legal pressures (according to his Republican opponents) will bring him down.

The Republican primary is not the primary concern. The general election is. Since we already know from 2020 that the general election is rigged beyond what we knew — and probably has been for many, many years — then the real question isn’t Trump vs. Nikki Haley or Trump vs. DeSantis. The real question is: How can Republicans (the few that matter) secure power in a rigged election system?

NOBODY on the conservative side is talking about this. I smell evasion and denial. Evasion and denial are weaknesses. This is why — quite frankly — I believe the Republicans, even led by Trump, will lose big. No matter who the nominee is.


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