A Government Mandated, One-Size-Fits-All “Mental Health Standard”??

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., told Newsmax on Tuesday that “we need … a better approach to mental health,” in order to prevent these horrific mass public shootings.

One thing is for certain. No government body can come up with a “one-size-fits-all” solution for everyone’s mental health. The government can’t do a single thing … EXCEPT something it presently is NOT doing, at least in America’s biggest and most left-wing cities: Arrest, prosecute and KEEP IN JAIL violent criminals.

If the government started doing one of its few legitimate jobs, people who wish to initiate violence against others might, at least in some cases, be a little more hesitant to initiate violence against others.

Something else the government can do is stay out of people’s lives. Stop the social engineering. Stop the funding of charities or other organizations that the politicians believe will help others (or, more likely, themselves). Just STOP. Stop trying to manipulate people into doing what you believe they should do, with other people’s money (or trillions in borrowed money). This applies nationally and internationally. JUST STOP.

Stop giving aid and comfort to giant pharmaceutical companies through subsides or special favors — the most brazen and horrifying example, the rollout of the failed, experimental “vaccine” back in 2021, the same vaccine that now almost nobody will take. Stop wasting money and — worse than that — building up false hopes and false promises. Let the market sort this out. On its worst day, the free market will do 100,000 times a better job than the most intelligent politician (which almost none of them are).

Government: LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE. Arrest and prosecute, through rational due process, violent criminals. Stop arresting or prosecuting based on race; or stop pretending that violent criminals are victims, when in fact they’re just evil thugs.

Essentially, it’s the George Costanza principle: Do the opposite. The government should STOP doing EVERYTHING it’s presently doing; and START doing things it SHOULD be doing, which are very few — but crucially important — things.

It’s as simple as that. But they won’t do it. And the great majority of us will not make them.



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