Let’s Not Cut the IRS. Let’s ABOLISH It.

“House GOP Unveils Bill to Fund Israel by Cutting IRS Budget”

I have a better idea. Let’s ABOLISH the IRS altogether. And while we’re at it, abolish income and corporate taxes, abolish most of the federal government, privatize health care/retirement and limit the U.S. military to actual defense of the nation (including borders), after firing every woke general installed by Obama or Biden.

That’s the kind of reform we need. It’s no more radical than what Democrats have been doing daily. Only it’s radically good, rather than radically bad.

Israel can take care of itself — provided the U.S. survives as a free country.

One reader replied on Facebook: “Defund the federal government. Take decisions back to the states.”

My reply: Unless all 50 states want a one party, totally leftist woke totalitarian dictatorship, the U.S. will break apart for sure.

Bottom line: We cannot go on like this. And we will not.



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