The Unearned Guilt of “White Privilege” Accusations

The way abusive, controlling people get you to do what they want you to do is through the transmission of unearned guilt.

In society today, a major weapon of unearned guilt is the concept and phrase, “white privilege.”

It’s another way of saying you’re racist, whether you ARE racist, or not.

It’s a way of putting you on the defensive.

But it’s more than that.

“White privilege” does not merely imply that you’ve CHOSEN to act in a racist way, and that your behavior is therefore wrong. It’s a way of conveying, “You are white. Therefore, you are racist whether you know it or not, or deny it or not.” It’s biological, racial determinism at the lowest level we’ve seen since the slavery and Jim Crow eras.

Imagine. People, by saying you’re guilty of “white privilege”, get to say, in effect, “I am calling you racist and you ARE racist. Because I say so. And I don’t have to prove it.”

Since when does anyone logically not have to prove something? Especially when you’re being accused of racism? Merely for the fact of your own skin color, something you never chose?

Where a lot of decent people go wrong is, when faced with these attacks, they try to prove they are NOT racist. But if you’re white, it has already been decided that you are racist. Nothing can absolve you of your skin color, according to the racism of our era.

The accusations are merely a Ku Klux Klan mentality in reverse. At least the KKK mentality was candid about their racism. Today’s smug, woke racists claim to think racism is bad — but they go on, in the same sentence, to say YOU are bad because of your race.

Because you’re white, you’re bad. That’s all there is to it. That’s what “progressive” thinking amounts to in our wildly REGRESSIVE era.

If the vast majority of people freed themselves of this unearned guilt, we’d hardly even need an honest election next year. The streets would be safe again, and the economy would probably boom again. Donald Trump or someone even better (if you can find him) would easily emerge as the victor.

People would no longer be hired or fired according to their race; only according to their competence and work ethic. But we have very little of that rationality any more, because the great majority of us are wrecked by this unearned guilt.

Woke leftists — the people running and influencing EVERYTHING — are destroying society, along with government and business. They’re doing so with our consent … because of the unearned guilt they have successfully generated in the vast majority of people.



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