The New Frasier: A Bright Spot

Two shows in, and the Frasier reboot is NOT disappointing. It’s funny in a way that reminds you of the original. The gem of the show is the grown, college-age son of Niles and Daphne. The young actor has some star quality, if they expand his part. I will be watching. Frasier was my favorite sitcom ever, second only to I Love Lucy. This reboot was gutsy. Hopefully Lilith will return.

I agree with my reader (on Facebook) who wrote: “I was very pleased too. I feel the same way about Nile’s son. I also loved the short part where Freddie was channeling Lilith with his humor. The show has much potential.”

“The best sequel to a great comedy show ever,” someone else wrote.

As was the original Frasier, sequel to Cheers. 40 years of this character–amazing! I love Kelsey Grammar.

Some reviews were bad, but no reasons were given. One person responded to my post, “Feels a bit unnatural, but pretty good indeed. The first two episodes are also introductory or set-up episodes. But everything is there to make it a very good show.” That I can see.

Time will tell!



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