Hell on Earth Comes to Israel

“We saw the wild animals, we saw the barbarians we have to deal with. We are fighting a fierce enemy, an enemy worse than ISIS. We saw boys and girls, bound, shot in the head. Men and women who were burned while still alive, young girls who were raped and slaughtered, soldiers with their heads cut off.

In one place, they forced people to enter a place, and put spare tires around them so that there would be fuel, and they burned them alive.

What a great horror. How great the pain.

We all know families whose loved ones were murdered, were kidnapped, were burned. But however great the horror, that is how great our heroism. Men and women, fathers and Mothers, warriors and citizens who have discovered supreme courage and bravery. We are all fighting together, we all fought, and we all will fight for our home.”

Benjamin Netanyahu


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