Unyielding, Unprecedented, Gleefully Arrogant EVIL

“As a broader picture of the carnage from Hamas’ weekend attack on Israel continues to emerge, mixed reports indicate that fighters from the Palestinian militant group may have slaughtered upwards of 40 babies, beheading some of the young children at a settlement near the Gaza border.” [Newsmax]

The media and the nasty regime in America’s imperial city led by the demented emperor paint the picture of these obscene thugs as helpless victims and freedom fighters.

How hard will Israel fight back? I don’t see much of a fight yet. Are they prepared to do what America and its allies had to do to win World War II? Or will they submit to savagery funded and supported by America’s own government? Very tragic times. It’s hard to imagine Israel will roll over.

As Hamas beheads babies, a member of the U.S. Congress celebrates their continued attacks on Israel.

In some ways, I understand the widespread denial. The magnitude and depth of the evil surrounding us has perhaps never been greater. “It simply can’t be true. It can’t be that bad.”

I am not sure the concept “evil” does justice to the smile on this depraved woman’s face — along with the people who applaud her.



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