Our Corrupt Establishment: Without Us, They’d Be NOTHING

Inflation is here. And we all notice it now. Without radical reversals in all things government, inflation is here to stay. I spent DOUBLE on a Five Guys burger compared to what I spent two years ago. I’m spending double at the grocery store. And the gas pump — everyone has noticed that.

Most people don’t understand inflation. Most people assume it happens because greedy capitalists suddenly and arbitrarily decide to charge more. Meanies! But the greedy capitalists who run all the big corporations are far left socialists — actually, even Communists. They don’t believe in profit. They don’t believe in a hands off approach to the economy by the government. They believe in unlimited government — with themselves doing the controlling, of course. Whether it’s Bill Gates buying up the farm land so he can kill millions to reduce the population, or Mark Zuckerberg spending billions to rig the next election cycle in favor of American Marxists winning … those are your “capitalists” today.

There are no capitalists — not with power, not with influence and not with wealth. Not any more. The oligarchs who have replaced capitalists like inflation. Why? Because they’re rich enough not to notice the sharp rise in prices. And they amass more wealth that way. If we had a market-based currency, like a gold standard, then Zuckerberg, Gates and all the woke corporatists would be at the mercy of market forces. Instead, they pull the strings of government to benefit themselves at the cost of everyone else. This state of affairs is what Marxists always CLAIMED capitalism was. That’s not true. Capitalism is when you’re disciplined by market forces — by objective reality. When you acquire enough money (through capitalism, pull, or however else) to use your pull with the government to get whatever you want … that’s no longer capitalism.

More and more people shriek for Marxism in America. They don’t understand: that’s already what we’re getting. And the more we get of it, the more inflation there will be, the more worthless our money and ability to buy goods and services will be; and the poorer we’ll become. There’s a reason why Marxist policies eradicated the middle class in Venezuela. It’s happening in America too. Primarily, through inflation.

The only solution to inflation is a market economy, which includes private currency, managed by a gold standard or whatever other market forces evolved. No more Federal Reserve pulling the strings, deciding how much currency will be allowed to flow into the economy (all for political reasons, not economic ones). I know that’s not likely to happen, not any time soon. The next best solution to inflation? Massively cut and control spending. Even if we still have a fiat currency generated by the government, at least that government will live within its means. Starting with the COVID excuse, the government began spending literally like there was no tomorrow. Prior to COVID, the government spent like there was no two weeks from now. But we’re way beyond that now. The national debt is a joke. It will take 50 generations of capitalism (a system we now no longer have) just to pay that off. But by that time, the national debt will be too large to count. There are no numbers big enough.

Economically as well as politically and morally, it could not be clearer: The government we now have is not a government. It’s an organized gang of dangerous mobsters. Unlike most mobsters, they don’t have to work undercover, on the run from a government staffed by good guys seeking to stop them. That’s all over. There are no good guys in the government; and if there are, they have absolutely no say. Government is 100 percent our enemy. It’s robbing us blind, mainly through inflation.

I know of no easy solution for getting rid of this government. I only know that denial of the magnitude of the situation is only making it worse. Republicans in particular should know better. Nobody is coming to rescue us. Donald Trump was in office once before. He did a lot of good, but it was all reversed once he left — because the bad guys really were always in charge. That will be the case if he returns to office, which he almost certainly won’t. I don’t even think there is a presidency any longer in America, not as it used to be understood. We have an emperor. We’re like the declining era of the Roman empire, when all traces of a republic were gone. That’s where America is today. Right now we have our Biden. He’s kind of our Claudius. We have yet to get our Nero. The media thinks that’s Trump. I think Michelle Obama, Gavin Newsom or some other as yet unidentified freak of psychopathology will be our Nero.

Stop denying reality. Stop denying facts that are in front of your face. If enough of us accept the truth — not a “conspiracy theory”, but the living truth embodied by hyperinflation and everything else we’re experiencing — then maybe we can shut down the system by shutting down our cooperation with it. Because it’s our compliance that keeps irrational psychopaths going. Without us … they’d be nothing.




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