Republicans a Threat to Liberty — Compared to Democrats??

Rasmussen asked if Democrats or Republicans are a bigger threat to basic liberties in America, to which 76% of Republicans and 65% of Democrats answered that the opposing party was the bigger threat. 26% of Democrats and 20% of Republicans said that their own party is the bigger threat.

Interesting. Almost all of the Democratic policies involve restrictions, not freedom. The only things Democrats seem to want freedom of choice about are abortion, weed and mutilation of your genitals. Yet Democrats see Republicans as a threat to their liberty? What liberty? Democrats do not stand for liberty. I am not saying Republicans do either, not consistently. But the Republicans are much more on the side of “leave people alone” than the Democrats with their vax mandates, mask mandates, massive regulations, high taxes, socialism, outlawing fossil fuels, banning guns, restricting school choice, on and on.

So how do Republicans threaten the liberty of Democrats?



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