Once Again: LOCK HER UP

The New Mexico governor attempted to suspend the Second Amendment in her state for 30 days — subject to her review after 30 days.

In other words, she attempted to suspend part of the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution unilaterally.

She did so in the name of a subjectively determined “health crisis.” Not the flu this time; the rise in crime, which is escalating in her state because of the racist, leftist, pro-criminal policies she supports and enacts daily.

Imagine a Governor suspending all or parts of the U.S. Constitution whenever he or she decides to declare a “health crisis.” Imagine a President who does the same.

We live in an era of horrific precedents for the once free republic of the United States of America. But this was the worst yet.

They say she’s now walking it back. So what? Why is she still walking freely at all?

She is a TRAITOR. A true insurrectionist. She should be immediately removed from office, convicted and imprisoned. And that’s a mild retribution, when you consider how traitors were treated early in American history. Enough is enough.



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