“It Can’t Happen Here. This is AMERICA!”

Early spring 2020:

“They can’t lock us down. That would be like martial law. It will never happen. This is AMERICA.”

Late spring 2020:

“They can’t force us to wear masks. That’s absurd. This is AMERICA.”

Summer 2020:

“The police won’t stand down while BLM looters burn private property and attack people in cities. The police can’t stand back and watch. This is AMERICA.”

Fall 2020:

“The media and the government can’t rig an election. They can’t stop the count when Trump is ahead, and suddenly find votes from piles of mail-in ballots to put Biden over the top. This is AMERICA.”

Winter 2021:

“The federal government can’t arrest peaceful election protesters on misdemeanor charges and leave them for months or years in a D.C. prison without due process. This is AMERICA.”

Spring 2021:

“They can’t force us to take an untested, rushed vaccine manufactured by companies with no product liability. This is AMERICA.”

Summer 2021:

“Tech companies can’t openly join forces with the federal government to censor speech. This is AMERICA.”

All of 2023:

“The unpopular party in power, headed by a corrupt and demented president, can’t break every known rule of legal process, raid a former president’s home, arrest his aides and attorneys, and then rush a group trial to imprison its leading opponent just in time for the election. Are you serious? THIS IS AMERICA.”

Summer 2023:

“The Governor of a state can’t declare a health emergency due to crime and suspend the 2nd Amendment. That would be brazen treason. It will never happen. This is AMERICA.”


“You can’t haul ‘climate deniers’ and ‘election deniars’ off to federal FEMA camps for being ‘threats to democracy.’ Why, that would be like Nazi Germany. No way! It will NEVER happen!

This is AMERICA!”



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