THIS is the Real Insurrection

A federal judge (a Biden appointee, no less) has put a TEMPORARY restraining order of the New Mexico governor’s concealed carry ban following her declaration of “emergency.”

Nice work Gun Owners of America (who initiated the emergency lawsuit). Where’s the NRA on this? It’s the biggest attack yet on the 2nd Amendment — and the Constitution itself — ever.

Lawsuits are not enough. Plus, leftists have a way of winning the war even if they lose initial battles, because conservatives and liberty-lovers stop paying attention.

Keep it going — harder. Impeach and arrest this woman. Make her pay dearly for this ACTUAL insurrection.

Keep in mind that by the time you read this post, the restraining order may have ended. That’s why we need much harsher, much more decisive action. It’s truly an emergency. Governors cannot be permitted to suspend the U.S. Bill of Rights whenever they feel like it.

By the way:

January 6 was NOT an insurrection.

Jailing political opponents against their 1st Amendment rights IS an insurrection.

And using an executive order to suspend the Bill of Rights “for 30 days, subject to renewal” — that’s the worst insurrection of all.



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