What a Totally Unaccountable Government Looks Like

Biden celebrated 9/11 yesterday by praising the Saudis — you know, the same Saudis who produced the 9/11 terrorists. Biden loves the Saudis because they support his climate change propaganda. Well of course they do — anything that will weaken the United States.

And Biden’s puppet regime will also be paying $6 billion to one of our most mortal enemies — Iran.

Tell me we’re not an occupied country. On 9/11/01, we were attacked by foreign enemies. Today, we are an occupied country in far more danger than we ever were on that day.

If our government still had a shred of accountability for anything, none of this would be possible. This is what dictatorship looks like. This is what the final years of the Soviet empire looked like — a parade of unaccountable, toxic geezers. This is what Maoist China looked like — a society overrun by psychosis and hysteria. This is what the declining years of the Roman republic looked like. When the people stop expecting virtue and sanity from themselves or others … they get “President Biden”. Or even worse to follow.

RFK Jr. is being told he will have to pay to enter Democratic primaries. The DNC wants no competition. They have done to their own party what they’re trying to do to the country: eradicate dissension.

Imagine if Biden is still the “president” 5 years from now. What in the hell will he and this country look like?

We are being destroyed from within.



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