They Will Not Go Quietly; This Will Not End Well

“What I see happening is Biden will step down due to covid (hence mail in ballots) Kamala will step in as prez and PARDON all of the Bidens…they will run Gavin and the dead vote will sweep him into office.” — Jeannie Chmielewski-Royack

Interesting theory. Leftists are capable of anything. Biden isn’t really in charge. Neither is Kamala. Not even Dr. Jill. Goodness knows, these people are too unscrupulous and stupid to be in the positions they’re in from their own abilities or achievements. Whoever put them there certainly has even worse things in store for us. Until or unless we the people rise up and bring about another 1776 or, failing that, another French Revolution, things will continue to spiral downward. Surely they will try another COVID lockdown strategy. Why wouldn’t they? It was the most successful totalitarian move in human history.

Sooner or later, whether through mass passive resistance or more than that, WE will have to stop them. They are NOT going to stop peacefully, or voluntarily.



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