America’s Shithole Cities Ruined by Leftists

“Salesforce CEO says San Francisco homelessness, drug use could force relocation of Dreamforce conference”, Fox Business headline. Businesses are leaving San Francisco in droves.

Communism and socialism are winning everywhere in America right now. But ultimately, they have to lose. The reason they’re winning is that they have hypocritical billionaires on their side. But Communism, while being anti-money, needs and wants money to be on their side. They need the billionaires they loathe. It’s a lethal contradiction.

You can’t destroy the very system — capitalism — you’re counting on to make your money. You cannot devour the hand that feeds you and expect to survive. Businesses are run by corporate capitalists who like having ties to the government (which isn’t really capitalism), and who put optics (“Look at me, I’m a leftist!”) above substance (e.g., the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights). Gradually and progressively, businesses (even left wing businesses) will need to leave America’s increasingly shithole cities ruined by Communism. That’s what you see happening right now in San Francisco as well as in New York, Chicago and other once great symbols of the thriving, robust and free American republic.

Communism will always fail. It has to fail, by its very flawed and contradictory, stupid theoretical nature.

The only question is how much of America the 21st Century version of “woke” Communism will ruin, before it’s done.

Let’s be real: Our big blue cities are already toast. Most of America’s population under 40 wants Communism to spread, not decline. They might not call it “Communism,” and they might not understand it’s Communism — but woke, leftist policies are what they want. Try electing another Rudy Giuliani in New York City — EVER. Try getting anything close to a Governor Ronald Reagan in California — EVER.

San Francisco, New York and Chicago are being ruined. How far will the malignancy of leftism spread before it implodes, as it always does?

That’s the only question remaining.



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