America’s Second Civil War Has Already Started

Mugshots of citizens who questioned their government. This is not a Netflix series. If you cannot see that America is already a dictatorship, you are living in a box.

“Charging documents claimed Giuliani promoted unsupported allegations of election fraud in Georgia.” [from The Daily Wire]

The question is not whether Giuliani is guilty or innocent.

The only proper question is: HOW IN THE HELL IS THIS A CRIME?

Ditto for Trump and all the other defendants in this literally made-up crime.

Leftists: You, like conservatives, also now live in a country that jails those who question the government. You may happen to like the particular government in power at this moment. But this will come back to bite you. Promise.

A meme on Facebook says: “Red State AG’s Should Do To Biden, Hillary, And Obama What They Are Doing to Trump. Raise your hand if you agree.”

Excellent question!

Dan Bongino, a former NYPD officer and member of the Secret Service, says: Trump should refuse to post bail today, let Fulton County GA jail him. I agree. Let’s see what happens then.

What about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis? DeSantis is a great, principled Governor. He’s a horrible presidential candidate because he WANTS it so much, he’ll sell his soul.

DeSantis knows there is evidence of fraud in 2020. But he also knows if he acknowledges it, his case for you choosing him over Trump evaporates. “Trump lost. I can win.” Instead of lying, he should have made a case for why he would be better than Trump. “Trump likely won in 2020. But here’s why I am better.” I was ready to hear that case. But when you lie to me, you lose me. And when you sell your soul just like ALL the other politicians, you look weak to me.

As for Trump: The corporate media claims Trump is losing it. With Tucker Carlson in his Twitter/X interview last night, Trump was utterly coherent and composed. An amazing man.

In a conventional dictatorship, the ruling government seizes the opposition leader and imprisons (or kills) him. In a country with a history of a rule of law, the ruling government unwilling to relinquish power will need to charge the opposition leader with something before imprisoning (or possibly executing) him. That’s what is happening in the United States of America right now. If you can’t find the opposition leader guilty of anything, then simply make it up. Count on the willful ignorance of the people and the media not to challenge it — and imprison them, if they do.

It’s no different than a dictatorship. The result is exactly the same. There’s just more pretense, that’s all.

Once the precedent is established with Trump, there’s no end in sight. It becomes a free for all. Future Republicans and — brace yourselves, leftists — future leftists will be treated to the same fate. Dictatorship and total anarchy — they’re two sides of the same coin. It’s called civil war. And America’s second civil war has already started.



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