“Listless Vessels”: DeSantis Joins the Swamp

It was a terrible mistake for DeSantis to call Trump supporters “listless vessels.” Every one of those Trump supporters was a potential DeSantis voter, down the road if not sooner. Now, why would anyone consider him, at least if they previously supported Trump? Who wants to vote for someone who calls you a “listless vessel”?

Such comments, in a way, are not mistakes. They are revealing. To even think such a thing, much less it say it, DeSantis must have awful contempt for his own supporters. It calls into question the sincerity and reality of everything he has done.

DeSantis caught the presidential disease. He so badly wants to be President — NOW, not in four years, but NOW — that he lost the sense of strategy, purpose and even integrity that he accuses Trump supporters of not having. He also shows a shallow disregard for the importance of what’s happening to Trump. He’s basically conveying, “Sure, the Commiefascists trying to imprison Trump are no good. They’re weaponizing the federal government against dissenters. But damn it, I WANT TO BE PRESIDENT NOW.”

I would have thought that DeSantis, of all people, would understand that the federal government as we know it might not be sustainable, and that states like Florida may have to lead the way in pulling away from the monstrosity that has been created in the Imperial City. If Trump goes down, it’s all the more reason to conclude there’s no salvaging the office DeSantis so lusts after. His failure to realize this point may turn out to be the most disqualifying thing about him.



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