I Look at Trump Supporters and All I See is Denial

I continue to doubt that any Republican can win the presidency in 2024 with voter fraud unchecked in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Arizona and elsewhere. But if Trump managed to win the presidency somehow, what would happen next? We saw how leftists and RINOs reacted after Trump won in 2016. The insanity and evil has been unrelenting, and continues unabated 7 years later. I don’t think it’s possible to project the magnitude of the irrational reaction to another Trump win. And is Trump prepared to give every member of the Biden regime what he/she deserves–arrest and prosecution for actually treasonous behavior against the Constitution? It seems like a pleasant fantasy on one level. But it collides with reality on first glance. America could not survive 5 minutes of another Trump presidency. The left is evil, tyrannical and violent even with full control everywhere. Yet America also cannot survive another term of a Biden regime (or equivalent), especially when it becomes clear the system is permanently rigged for the sake of a Uniparty elite with zero interest in protecting the rights originally enshrined in our Constitution. I see no alternative here aside from (1) peaceful breakup, (2) civil war or (3) continued mass submission to an ever-expanding totalitarian, federal one-party “woke” dictatorship.

I don’t understand the lack of logic with many Trump supporters.

If Trump lost due to fraud in 2020, then what’s to stop him from losing to fraud again in 2024? Nothing has been done to stop fraud. The Supreme Court won’t even investigate; nor will the federal courts. 99 percent of the media won’t even talk about it. Fox News sacrificed Tucker Carlson as a self-inflicted punishment for daring to report evidence of election fraud before. If it happened once, it’s all going to happen again. Criminals repeat and expand their activity when they get away with all of it. The Democrat-Communists-fascists are more evil and tyrannical than ever. They have almost unlimited supplies of Zuckerberg, Soros and Bezos money. Of course they’re going to do worse to us, this time.

If Trump lost legitimately in 2020, then what’s to ensure him a victory this time? Especially when he’s so weighed down by absurd but nevertheless real felony charges that could land him in prison. Yes, in some respects these charges increase his popularity. But that still doesn’t mean he can win. Based on 2020, if you believe the results (I don’t, but some do), the numbers don’t add up. My guess is that these ridiculous felony charges literally invented by the weaponized “Justice Department” in Biden’s regime increase the intensity of support among people who were going to vote for Trump anyway, but they don’t necessarily increase his numbers.

By the way, I think Donald Trump was a great President. He brought America back to a level of morale and economic strength approaching the Reagan years. He built up the military. He supported the Constitution, by and large. He was not perfect, and I’m not referring to his Tweets or his style. His style of taking on the media was his single greatest strength, not his weakness. It was refreshing beyond belief; and now he’s paying for his success. He could have made better Supreme Court appointments, he fell for the COVID fiasco myth — at first — and he drove up the deficit and debt through the inflationary spending that Biden later expanded on massively. However, he never imposed or proposed tyranny. He was the exact opposite of all the things the Democrats accused him of — fascism, control — and of all the things the Democrats actually are.

Nevertheless, we cannot evade facts and logic. Do Trump supporters at least have a Plan B in place? What do they plan to do if biased, pro-Democrat polls show Trump beating Biden by 5 points, and they wake up the morning after election day in 2024 and find that Biden won by a hair, following water pipe bursts, data dumps and suddenly finding mail-in ballots of people who voted 100 percent Democrat? Or worse yet, that Gavin Newsom or Kamala Harris or Pete Buttigieg or Michelle Obama did the same thing?

The federal government is growing more tyrannical by the day. The only thing curbing it right now are leftover Trump appointments to the federal courts and Supreme Court. Five years from now, the Supreme Court will be hard core leftist, most likely, and the federal court appointments made by Biden will be having the same impact Trump appointments are sometimes having now. You might live in a red state, but the tyranny escalating from the federal government — gun bans, censorship through social media and the Internet, fuel bans — will override your state government. And just wait until social credit scores and shutting down bank accounts and the ability to use credit cards come (as has already happened in Canada) when you support political protests criticizing the one party in power. We’ll be facing whether or not it makes sense for rational state and local governments simply to nullify unconstitutional laws and executive orders, or even secede. That’s not going to be pretty, and I fear it won’t be bloodless.

Are you conservatives and Trump supporters ready for that very real prospect? I look out there, and all I see is denial.



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