Sir Elton John … Once a Great Talent, Now Just Another Commie

Elton John is not totally retiring, but refuses to play in the U.S. He says the U.S. has gone crazy politically and wants no part of it. Does he mean the Communist-fascist President, the bought-and-sold Congress, the intimidated Supreme Court, the rigged elections, the medical and green fascism, the stifling of free speech, and the politicized FBI weaponized against political opposition and our own citizens?

Nope. He says Florida isn’t permitting doctors to treat gay people. Of course, this is false. It’s disinformation. It’s the same Elton John who begged people to get the so-called vaccine back in 2021. Will an apology be forthcoming?

35 years ago, I had the opportunity to meet Elton John at a private party. Upon my request, he played Candle in the Wind for myself and party guests. It’s a great memory, but I so wish this talented performer had kept his mouth shut about his love of totalitarian rule.



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