Once the Government is Weaponized, It’s No Longer a Government

Karen E. Gilbert, one of the lead prosecutors in Special Counsel Jack E. Smith’s attempt to convict former President Donald Trump of mishandling White House documents, is also a past campaign donor to Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and the Democratic National Committee, according to the Federal Elections Commission (FEC).

Is this even legal? It doesn’t matter. The laws of this banana republic we still call America only apply to the disenfranchised–not to the connected.

We lost control of our government. The government was created to work for us. We now work for it. The fools who say, “Well, I don’t like Trump. He had it coming,” evade the principle involved. The principle is that we are all supposed to be equal under the law. The laws no longer apply to Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden or anyone in power. The laws DO apply to anyone who challenges the people in power or who has bought influence. Even when they didn’t break any laws. You don’t have to like Donald Trump to see that his persecution means the persecution of ALL dissension and opposition to The Party. It will not stop with Trump; it’s starting with Trump.

Our justice system is officially weaponized, which means it’s now an institutionalized system of injustice. Morally and legally, the federal government is illegitimate. Get away with what you can get away with, be prudent, be careful and pick your battles. But you owe this scum of a government nothing. Defy it whenever you can and when you can summon up the courage to do so. Stop calling it America and stop calling it a Constitution. Those things are gone. They won’t come back easily, if ever. We are just like all the others, now.


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