If You Think It’s Just About Trump, You’re a Fool

It’s critical for decent people to understand: President Trump was not answering to “the law” yesterday. There is no law — not at the federal level. They are lawless. They are not just immoral; they are totally amoral. They are subjecting Trump to THEIR law, which is the law of dictators everywhere throughout history: In other words, to their whims. They’re twisting and distorting existing laws — which are actually civil matters, not criminal ones, civil penalties that never were applied to cases where sitting or former Vice Presidents or Presidents allegedly disobeyed them. As Trump pointed out, Bill Clinton was sued for a violation similar to what Trump was accused of, and he won the lawsuit.

We know what this is about. We are not stupid. Many of us are too afraid and (incredibly) still too complacent, but we are not stupid. The thing that good people must now understand is that Trump is being used as an example. What they can get away with doing to him, they can get away with doing to anyone, any time they wish. It’s not about Trump. It’s about power and control for the sake of power and control — and, of course, the money that goes along with it, which explains why most Republicans have sold out (other than to pay lip service in faux outrage).

Perhaps Trump will grow in popularity as he’s persecuted. Perhaps he’ll get the nomination and (however unlikely) get past the early morning data dumps to come in Philadelphia, Atlanta and greater Phoenix in November 2024. Perhaps he’ll become the first American President to serve from jail. It seems unlikely. What seems more likely (to me) is that Trump’s popularity will erode somewhat as the charges keep coming (there will be more, e.g., from Georgia), and then someone capable in a different way — DeSantis seems the obvious choice — will fill the vacuum for people who don’t like The Party. The key, at that point, will be to see what happens to DeSantis and his family. If you don’t believe me now, you’ll have to believe me then … this was never just about Trump. Even getting Trump in jail will not be enough for these leftists. The leftists in power are totalitarians. Their paid-off RINO enablers are morally no different, if not worse.

It’s important, going forward, that you look at the regime in Washington DC and everything connected to it as morally and politically illegitimate as any other occupying force would be — as if, for example, the Nazis or Soviets had taken over our government back in the 1940s or 1950s.

These are not people who wish to uphold your rights but only in a different way. These are people who openly seek to eradicate your rights, so they can have control in a one-party government (already in place) to perpetrate all manner of tyranny and abuse. They make millions (if not billions) for destroying our republic. It’s evil on a scale never perpetrated in all of human history; and it’s just getting started. If you think the colonists were up against some nasty abusers back in the 1770s — you haven’t seen anything yet.



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